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  1. Exclusivity: There will only be one sponsor for each CC Headlines and More….
  2. High Visibility: A mention between APPA CC Headlines and More…banner and the first line of text worded as follows: “APPA thanks (name hyperlinked to the sponsorship profile at the bottom of the content frame), sponsor of this month’s CC Headlines and More…”.
  3. Drive More Traffic: Your linkable logo (160 pixels wide and 300 pixels in length, PNG or GIF format) will appear at the top of the sidebar.
  4. Educate People about Your Product: The sponsorship profile may include information about your organization of no more than 60 words and a linkable graphic no larger than 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels tall. The sponsorship profile will appear at the bottom of the content frame. Understand that not all users e-mail is set to view HTML, which means not all recipients will be able to view your logo.
  5. Sponsorship For Any Budget: APPA will allow interested parties to sponsor CC Headlines and More… at the following rates:
      1 month
    (2 issues)
    2 months
    (4 issues)
    3 months
    (6 issues)
    6 months
    (12 issues)
    Sponsorship $950 $1,750 $2,550 $5,550

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Understand that not all user e-mail is set to view HTML, which means not all recipients will be able to view your logo.


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