Context Matters: Next Iteration of Coach/Referee


Monday, August 19, 2019
4:15 PM - 5:15 PM
Session Type: Workshop

This workshop will continue to explore how much the context of implementing evidence-based interventions matters. Specifically, this training session will provide participants with an opportunity to understand how staff readiness and preparedness is as important as the curriculum or skill chosen. The presenters will provide guidance on how to promote agency-wide behavioral change via practical application of implementation science principles. Participants will acquire an increased awareness of the factors involved and, upon completion of the workshop, will be much better able to effectively plan for change and to develop their skills as coaches and referees.


Dr. Brian Lovins
Principal, Justice System Partners

Dr. Brian Lovins is a Principal for Justice System's Partner. He earned his PhD in Criminology from the University of Cincinnati, School of Criminal Justice. He is currently the Co-Editor for APPA’s Perspectives Journal. Prior to JSP, he has worked as Assistant Director of Harris County CSCD and the Associate Director for the University of Cincinnati's Corrections Institute. He has developed a state-wide juvenile risk assessment (Ohio Youth Assessment System: OYAS) and adult risk assessment (Ohio Risk Assessment System: ORAS), as well as validation of a series of pretrial risk assessments. Dr. Lovins has been invited to present to over 200 agencies and routinely trains agencies in the principles of effective intervention, risk assessment, and the delivery of cognitive-behavioral interventions. Dr. Lovins has received the Dr. Simon Dinitz Award for his work and dedication in helping correctional agencies adopt evidence-based programs and the David Dillingham Award, as well as a being recognized as a Distinguished Alumnus from the University of Cincinnati. His publications include articles on risk assessment, sexual offenders, effective interventions, and cognitive-behavioral interventions.