The Art of Success-Focused Leadership


Tuesday, August 20, 2019
11:45 AM - 12:45 PM
Session Type: Workshop

Do you find yourself typically “running out of time” while your subordinates are typically “running out of work?” Do you ask the question, “Why do I have so much work?” but then, if you step back and think about it, realize that you are doing numerous tasks that are not really your responsibility? Are you the type of manager who feels that it’s your job to solve all of your staff problems? Do you keep taking on so many staff/team/unit responsibilities that you become the subordinate and they become the boss? There is a way out! Encouraging staff to take more initiative does not make you appear less strong, more vulnerable, or less useful. In fact, when you encourage staff to handle their own situations, they acquire new skills—and you liberate time to do your own job. This workshop pinpoints some steps you can take and gives you tips and insight on how to regain your discretionary time. Doing so will allow you more time to focus on being a responsible and effective leader. If you are in a management or leadership position and find yourself overwhelmed at times, you will find this workshop most useful in expanding your toolbox, strengthening your leadership skills, and developing your staff’s own skills.


William "Bill" Ashe

William "Bill" Ashe earned his MPA from American University, DC and completed his undergraduate studies in Business Administration at Fayetteville State University, NC. Having served 35 years in Institutional and Community Corrections, he retired in the position of Branch Chief from CSOSA (Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency, DC) in October 2017. He served as an adjunct instructor with the Virginia Department of Community Corrections and CSOSA. He has over 25 years of experience in staff and leadership training and is the Owner, CEO of DOTEL, LLC "Developing Others Through Effective Leadership." Bill Ashe has served the American Probation and Parole Association in the capacity of Regional Representative (Region IV), as a member of the Board of Directors and eight years (8) as an Executive Committee member.