Captain Leadership and the Case of the Performance Nightmare


Monday, August 19, 2019
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Session Type: Workshop

Why is that guy always late? Why do those reports always require modification because they are never done right? Does she ever stay at her own desk? As a supervisor, your greatest challenges do not necessarily come from clients. They may be coming from your employees. As agency philosophy changes, budgets shrink, and expectations increase, so too must your employees grow and change their behavior. But how do you manage them? In this workshop, you will learn how to develop a self-inventory of your own behavior and identify what is being projected to your employees. We will help you identify high-risk and low-performing employees who may be creating a toxic environment and provide some steps you can use to address behaviors that need to change. Recognize that a leader must use good communication, honest feedback, and follow-up to effect change in employee behavior. So, get ready to don your super-specs, wield your magic wand, and cast out spells that help your employees be their best.


Holly M Dorman
, AZ Probation Parole and Corrections Association

Holly is the Community Corrections Manager for the Northern Region, with oversight of 4 parole Offices and the Maricopa Reentry Center. She has served with the Arizona Department of Corrections for over 12 years, and worked in the field of Corrections, Probation, Parole, and Pre-Trial for over 16 years. She holds a Master's in Public Administration and is an Alumni of the APPA Leadership Institute Class #4. She has served on the Board of the Arizona Probation, Parole and Corrections Association since 2015.

Mrs. Kimberly A Leas
Group Supervisor, AZ Department of Corrections

Kimberly Leas is currently a Community Corrections Supervisor with the Arizona Department of Corrections. Kimberly has over 20 years experience in the corrections field. Kimberly holds a Bachelor of Psychology Degree from Coastal Carolina University and a Master of Education In Counseling Degree from Northern Arizona University. Kimberly has been involved in a project on Reducing Recidivism for the past year.