A Decade of Progress: Probation's Success with Juvenile Realignment


Wednesday, August 21, 2019
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM
Session Type: Workshop

As tracked over a decade, California reached historic lows in arrest rates and detention rates for the targeted juvenile population, a positive change that occurred in the face of realigning the population to local control. This workshop will cover this welcome development and its underpinnings, including a helpful review of the practices and political environment that led California to take constructive steps and achieve such results.


Allen A Nance
Division Director, San Francisco Juvenile Probation

Chief Nance is the CPOC Juvenile Services Chair and a expert in juvenile probation practices. He was instrumental at the development of a statewide conference focusing on the success in the juvenile justice system in California a decade after the state realigned a majority of the youth to county probation jurisdiction. We anticipate other Chiefs involved in the conference to help inform and present.

Karen Pank
Executive Director, Chief Probation Officers of CA

Karen Pank is the Executive Director for CPOC and will moderate.