Addressing Field Readiness to Implement Gender Responsive Solutions- A Special Panel Discussion on the Release of the Committee’s New Field Survey


Monday, August 19, 2019
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Session Type: Workshop

The APPA Justice-Involved Women & Girls Committee has launched an ambitious project to assess field readiness to address the dramatic rise in the number of women involved in the justice systems across the nation. Building from an APPA policy statement endorsing the use of evidence-based, gender responsive practices, the Committee launched a survey of probation and parole professionals across the country earlier this year to determine the greatest challenges and opportunities they face in implementing practices proven to be more effective when working with impacted women and girls. During this dynamic session, the survey findings will be made public for the first time, and Committee members from at least two sites across the country will feature their individual stories about their work with women. The discussion will revolve around both challenges and successes with bridging best practices and implementation of services for justice-involved women via a gender lens.


Alyssa Benedict
Executive Director, CORE Associates, LLC

Deanne Benos
Co-Founder, The Women's Justice Institute (WJI), The Women's Justice Institute (WJI)

Katie Roller
Parole and Probation Supervisor, Multnomah County Community Justice