Building Consistency Through Collaboration: Coordinated Probation Practices in Lucas County, Ohio


Monday, August 19, 2019
4:15 PM - 5:15 PM
Session Type: Workshop

As part of its participation in the MacArthur Foundation’s Safety and Justice Challenge, Lucas County, Ohio, launched an effective initiative to coordinate probation supervision carried out by its five independent adult probation authorities, with an emphasis on increasing county-wide consistency in supervision policy and procedures and expanding the implementation of evidence-based practices. Within Lucas County, the jurisdictions responsible for probation include one Common Pleas Court and four municipal courts. To date, the county’s efforts have resulted in regular meetings of probation leaders, increased data sharing, implementation of risk assessments, development of graduated response policies, multi-jurisdictional training for community supervision staff and the judiciary, and improved quality assurance measures. This workshop will cover the strategies used to address challenges, build relationships, increase communication, and implement evidence-based practices. Participants will leave with knowledge and tools they can use to increase collaborative efforts within their own jurisdictions.


Jennifer Ferguson
Associate, Justice System Partners

Dr. Jennifer Ferguson has been a management analyst with the Maricopa County Adult Probation Department for 20 years and is an associate with Justice System Partners She has experience in the development, implementation and validation of risk/needs assessments and in the implementation of EBP. She received her doctorate in Justice Studies from Arizona State University.

Lore Joplin
Principal, Justice System Partners

Lore Joplin is a Principal at Justice System Partners. Ms. Joplin helps jurisdictions manage complex, multi-partner projects and facilitates cross-system collaboration with criminal and juvenile justice, health care, and behavioral health systems. She has taken a lead role in projects that include policy analysis, evidence-based decision-making, and juvenile justice and adult criminal justice reform efforts. She received her masters in public administration from Lewis & Clark University.

Ms. Emily M Numbers
Associate, Toledo Municipal Court Probation

Emily Numbers is Lucas County’s Community Corrections Planning Board (CCPB) Coordinator. Her role is to foster collaboration among five independent adult probation authorities to increase system-wide efficiency and improve outcomes for clients on community supervision. Her work involves facilitating interagency communication and engagement; establishing multijurisdictional data-sharing methods; coordinating policy changes pertaining to risk assessment and graduated responses; organizing trainings on EBP; and establishing quality assurance practices. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Social Thought from the University of Toledo.