Who are you? Who am I?


Wednesday, August 21, 2019
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM
Session Type: Workshop

Do you truly understand the obstacles probationers face based on gender, culture, and age differences and how those are affected by stereotypes? Probation and parole agencies routinely face these obstacles while supervising probationers and when working with individuals with various gender identities. Are you prepared to offer effective resources to probationers and co-workers to combat those obstacles? We must recognize that even within our own agencies--and involving our own colleagues--both implicit and explicit biases exist that can affect us in our own multicultural and multigenerational workforces. This workshop will discuss the difficulties that probationers and our colleagues face regarding diversity and breaking through and breaking down stereotypes. Included in this session will be a role-playing activity in which participants experience bias due to stereotyping, and we will demonstrate ways to find common ground despite differences.


Jackie Chagolla
Surveillance/Probation Officer, Maricopa County Adult Probation

Jackie Chagolla - Previous to becoming a surveillance officer in 2014, Jackie was an adult probation officer assigned to the indigent/high recidivism caseloads for over twelve years. Probationers who work with her call her the “Queen of Resources”. She uses her holistic approach to help both the probationers and their families. jchagoll@apd.maricopa.gov

Kristi Wimmer
Education Manager, Maricopa County Adult Probation

Kristi is the education manager/supervisor for the Maricopa County Adult Probation Department’s Adult Education Program. Before becoming a supervisor, she taught adult basic education and GED preparation classes to probationers and members of the public, as well as job skills classes for probationers who were struggling to find employment. kwimmer@apd.maricopa.gov