Cut DUI Recidivism for Good: A Multi-Track DUI Court Approach to Repeat Offenders


Tuesday, August 20, 2019
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Session Type: Workshop

This session shows how a DWI/DUI court can maximize its effect by taking a global approach and targeting all high-risk offenders, including high-risk and low-needs offenders, by using multiple tracks. The presenters will highlight how a DUI court was able to achieve an over 50% reduction in collisions and a 32% reduction in recidivism involving over 4,000 clients in a 9.5-year period by identifying the highest risk offenders and using evidence-based principles to hold them accountable to the court based upon their risk and need levels. During that same period new DUI offenses were reduced 66% and deaths and serious injuries from alcohol-involved collisions in the jurisdiction dropped 36%. The challenge of developing effective approaches for DWI/DYU offenders is considerable, and this workshop should prove very useful to all involved in such endeavors!


Judge Richard Vlavianos
Judge, San Joaquin County

Richard A. Vlavianos is a Judge of the Superior Court of California, County of San Joaquin. He currently serves by appointment of the Chief Justice of California as Chair of the Judicial Council’s Collaborative Justice Advisory Committee. He currently oversees: a multi-track DUI Court system of court supervision in high risk DUI cases; one of five pilot Parolee Re-entry Courts in California; Drug Court; a Proposition 36 Compliance Court; and a Mental Health Court. He has received the 2012 Kevin E. Quinlan Award from the Century Council (now FAAR) for excellence in traffic safety; the 2015 Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Award from the Children’s Services Coordinating Commission; the 2011 Collaborative Leadership Award from the Association of California County Alcohol and Drug Program Administrators (CADPAAC); and the Law Day Award in 2007 from the San Joaquin County Bar Association.