Incentive-Based Funding for EBP in Probation, After 10 Years, Did it Work?


Wednesday, August 21, 2019
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM
Session Type: Workshop

A decade ago California’s Senate Bill 678 marked an effort by the nation’s largest state to incentivize successful probation completion by sharing with local probation departments the savings accrued from having reduced numbers of costly post-revocation incarcerations, thereby providing both an incentive and a source of funds that the probation departments could then invest in evidence-based practices (EBPs). A 2016 legislatively mandated report that followed up on the outcome indicates that the legislation achieved its threefold goals: revocations of supervised felony offenders went down without an increase in crime, the state saved money, and county probation departments reported increased implementation of EBPs. We will look at how the goals were achieved across California’s 58 counties and why it worked.


Shelley Curran
Director, Criminal Justice Services, Judicial Council of CA

Hallie Fader-Towe
Program Director, Council of State Governments

Stephanie James
Chief, San Joaquin County Probation

Kevin O'Connell
Research Analyst, Chief Probation Officers of CA