EMDR - Working with Youth with Sexual Behavior Issues and Trauma


Tuesday, August 20, 2019
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Session Type: Workshop

This session will provide an overview of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy for sex offenders who also have a history of trauma. The modality is used to aid in breaking down sex offenders who are resistant and in denial. Those who struggle with developing empathy for victims as recognition of their past abuse are often untreated in traditional sex offender treatment models. The presenters will discuss the potential for using EMDR therapy with caregivers who have a history of sexual abuse which interferes with their relationship with children. The training entails a holistic approach to treating juvenile sex offenders.


Francisco Torres Almeraz, LSOTP
, El Paso County Juvenile Probation

Mr. Torres is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider in the State of Texas. He has been working in the counseling realm since 2007, prior to this he was licensed in Mexico as an Attorney at Law. It was this profession that moved him to seek a degree in Counseling and subsequently licensure as a therapist to better serve clients by offering therapeutic interventions to prevent possible justice involvement. Mr. Torres currently works as a Clinical Therapist in El Paso Texas. He primarily treats juvenile adjudicated of reportable offenses and victims of trauma as well as those with emotional mental health diagnosis. Mr. Torres has been innovative in the holistic approach he takes when working with sex offenders to ensure victim empathy is developed while also treating the emotional scars and trauma some youthful offenders has endured. Mr. Torres further provides parenting sessions to teach families to discuss healthy sexual practices and relationships, while also incorporating chaperon training to teach skills for proper supervision