Bail Reform in California and Probation's Role in Delivering Pre-Trial Services


Monday, August 19, 2019
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Session Type: Workshop

All three branches of government in California have agreed on historic legislation to eliminate cash bail and to establish the use of risk assessment tools to institute a pretrial system. The legislation calls on probation personnel to play a pivotal role in administering the risk assessment and reporting to the court as well as monitoring those deemed appropriate by the court for pretrial release. While the legislation is under referendum, the state is still facing the need to address pretrial via court cases calling into question the ability to use cash bail. This workshop will outline how the reform discussion is playing out in California and how probation is preparing to operationalize the many aspects of a pretrial system.


Shelley Curran
Director, Criminal Justice Services, Judicial Council of CA

Shelley Curran was the lead person from Judicial Council on the policy debate and integral to the implementation of a state court system on pretrial

Stephanie James
Chief, San Joaquin County Probation

Chief James is CPOC President and established a pretrial program in her county prior to the reform and has been a leader in the training other counties.

Karen Pank
Executive Director, Chief Probation Officers of CA

Executive Director and involved with drafting the landmark legislation in California on bail reform.