Onsite Training

Motivational Interviewing - Advanced Session: Elicit, Amplify, and Reinforcing Change Talk
Presenter: Michael D. Clark

Join this advanced training to take the next steps: increasing change talk and moving to commitment. This session will take you beyond your new skills for increasing connections-offering focused training on building an offender's level of importance for positive behavior change and ensure they have the necessary confidence to see the change(s) through. The greatest number of probationers have both arguments within them, a side that wants to be rid of the problem (pro change), and a side that doesn't believe change is possible or beneficial (stay the same). Participants will learn how to successfully negotiate offender ambivalence. Learn "key questions" that will turn the work from increasing the readiness for change to gaining the commitment to start actual "first steps." Examine actual probation report video's that demonstrate the "do's and don'ts" for bypassing resistance and increasing change talk-even in brief interactions.

Upon completion, participants attending this training will be able to:

  • Discuss the role ambivalence plays in keeping offenders "stuck" and how to increase the "pro-change" side of this "fence-sitting."
  • Go further to recognize "change talk" and how to respond to it (to summon more!)
  • Describe the behavior change constructs of importance, confidence and readiness
  • Demonstrate the continuum of motivational Interviewing practice during skill-building exercises
  • Examine actual video footage of probation/parole report in's and offer critiques on motivational strategies
About the Presenter
Michael D. Clark, MSW, LMSW, is a member of the International Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT), specializing in direct practice work with court-mandated client populations. He is one of the few MINT trainers nationally who has served child abuse/neglect populations as well as addictions and mental health clients. Michael is a contractual trainer for the US Department of Justice, National Training and Technical Assistance Center (NTTAC) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). He has presented throughout the United States, as well as Europe, Canada, the Caribbean and Micronesia/Pacific. Mr. Clark is author to over 30 book chapters, articles and monographs for motivational issues within the fields of mental health, addictions and child welfare programs. Mr. Clark is the author to a two-part series article on Motivational Interviewing for probation and parole staff.

( 2 day training limited to 30 participants )

To request site-specific training, email Diane Kincaid or call APPA at (859)244-8196.

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Motivational Interviewing