When the Offender is a Victim
Contracting Agency: Office on Violence Against Women

The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey reveals that nearly 25 percent of women and 14 percent of men reported severe physical violence committed by an intimate partner at some point in their lives (Black, Basile, Breiding, Smith, Walters, Merrick, Chen, and Stevens, 2011). The lives of all survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV) are adversely affected-including those involved in the criminal justice system as offenders. Although anyone can be abused by an intimate partner, research indicates that approximately 85 percent of all victims are women (Truman and Rand, 2010).

Through funding from the Office of Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice the Council of State Governments/American Probation & Parole Association (APPA) and its partner organizations, the Battered Women’s Justice Project (BWJP), and the Safe Return Initiative of the Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community (IDVAAC), will provide community corrections professionals with training on innovative and effective strategies to identify and support the safety of offenders who are victims of IPV during their period of probation and parole supervision.

Through this project, APPA will:

  • Convene virtual meetings of an expert working group to guide and plan for the project training
  • Develop 3-4 online training modules related to identifying and intervening with individuals on supervision who are victims of intimate partner violence
  • Publish a bulletin on emerging community corrections programs addressing IPV among supervisees
  • Present a workshop on project activities and products at national/regional conferences
  • Deliver a webinar session on project findings
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