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Description: Established in 2012, the California Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) is an independent statutory agency that provides leadership to the adult and juvenile criminal justice systems, expertise on Public Safety Realignment issues, a data and information clearinghouse, and technical assistance on a wide range of community corrections issues. (Penal Code sec. 6024-6025). In addition, the BSCC promulgates regulations for adult and juvenile detention facilities, conducts regular inspections of those facilities, develops standards for the selection and training of local corrections and probation officers, and administers significant public safety-related grant funding.
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Description: Criminal Justice Pursuit is a free, educational website helping students earn a criminal justice degree with information about programs, online colleges, and criminal justice careers.
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Description: Citizens Alliance on Prisons and Public Spending
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Description: CEP is the European Organisation for Probation. It aims to promote the social inclusion of offenders through community sanctions and measures such as probation, community service, mediation and conciliation. CEP is committed to enhance the profile of probation and to improve professionalism in this field, on a national and a European level.
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Description: An easy to use guide to online criminal justice programs.
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Description: CTA is a public, non-profit network of professionals actively involved in leveraging technology in the field of Corrections. Members consist of CIOs, IT Directors and those charged with making technology decisions from Federal, State, Provincial, county and local correctional agencies.
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Description: As National Youth Justice Awareness Month (Y-JAM) comes to an end, we would like to announce the launch of a new website: CutYouthIncarceration provides information about youth incarcerated in the justice system, state efforts to reduce the incarceration of youth, and puts forward a platform for reform. We hope you will find this resource helpful in your work and that you will sign the pledge to cut
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Description: is an informational resource for those interested in pursing education and careers options among criminal justice and law enforcement professions. Our goal is to gather information and data from trusted and authoritative sources and compile them in an easy to understand format. We strive to provide insights into the many criminal justice career options, including job descriptions, specializations, salary data, job growth, and degree options. In addition, we provide information on campus based and online schools offering criminal justice and legal programs.
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