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Description: The Commission for Pardons and Parole reviews adult parole cases. The Community Corrections Division of the Idaho Department of Correction provides adult probation and parole services. Idaho Dept. of Correction 1299 North Orchard Suite 110 Boise, ID 83706 Phone: (208) 658-2122 Fax: (208) 327-7456
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Description: Idaho Juvenile Justice Association
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Description: Idaho Offender Database
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Description: Idaho State Police
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Description: As part of the work of the Task Force on Procurement Innovation, the IJIS Institute and its partners worked to find resources written by organizations from both the private and public sector voicing opinions regarding procurement innovation. These references can be used to assist in answering procurement questions and providing procurement guidance and best practices.
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Description: The Prisoner Review Board is the paroling authority for both adult and juvenile offenders, although most adult offenders are serving determinate sentences and are released at one-half of their court-imposed sentences. The Community Services Division, under the Department of Corrections, is responsible for the supervision of all committed persons placed on parole or mandatory supervised release and supervises in accordance with the conditions set by the Prisoner Review Board. Adult and juvenile probation services and detention services are administered by the circuit courts in each of the 102 counties. Department of Corrections (Parole) P.O. Box 19277 1301 Concordia Court Springfield, IL 62794-9277 Phone: (217) 522-4461 Fax: (217) 522-9652 Administrative Office of Illinois Courts (Probation) 3101 Old Jacksonville Road Springfield, Illinois 62704-6488 Phone: (217) 785-7589 Fax: (217) 557-5706
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Description: Illinois Inmate Search
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Description: Illinois Probation and Court Services Association
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