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Description: In response to this upcoming crisis, “the Center for Innovative Public Policies (CIPP), the American Jail Association, and the Correctional Management Institute of Texas, Sam Houston State University are working together to develop tools to assure competent jail leadership.” The goal of the project is to produce “user-friendly products which will not only increase knowledge, but give agencies data and tools so they can develop their individual plans to transition mid-managers to leadership. State-of-the-art technology, participation of subject matter experts [and] involvement of national partners” has been mobilized to ensure the goal of the project is accomplished. The CIPP, AJA, CMIT and the National Institute of Corrections have already completed work in this area and this project is building off of their work. The goal of this project is to “enable jails to successfully develop and implement their own leadership development and succession planning initiatives” by providing the resources necessary through this site.
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Description: A real working Jail Sergeant introduces his personal website for the General Public's view. It will certainly give you an idea of what happens behind bars. Most people do not care what happens to someone sentenced to Jail or long as they are "locked-up". There is life behind bars (yes they have their own "society") and the majority of these people sent to Jail and Prison will be eventually coming out and living in our society. Right now, there are over 800,000 inmates at any given time in our nation's Jails. There are well over 2 million inmates in our nation's State Prison systems. There are thousands and thousands of Corrections Officers working in these Jails and Prisons. Working as a Corrections Officer is without question the most DANGEROUS, VIOLENT and STRESSFUL job in the world. This Jail Sergeant even invites "Former" and "Future Wannabe" inmates (Thugs) to chime-in with their own stories.
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Description: Since 1987 we have been providing correctional ceu-approved training internationally. We provide live, online & conference workshops. References on site.
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Description: Justice Programs Office of the School of Public Affairs
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»  Justice Solutions Hot!Thumbs upi
Description: Justice Solutions also has an extensive list of links on their website…could pull relevant ones from their list.
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Description: Jefferson County Community Corrections
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Description: Judges' Criminal Justice/Mental Health Leadership Initiative
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Description: Judicial Alternatives of Georgia
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