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Description: The Ohio Parole Board may release inmates from adult institutions via parole, transitional control, and post-release control. The Adult Parole Authority is a bureau of the Division of Parole and Community Services in the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. The field services section provides pre-sentence investigation services and probation/community control supervision services to 50 of the 88 Ohio counties. The field services section also provides supervision services of offenders released from prison, including those on parole, post-release control and transitional control in all counties in Ohio including those who are accepted through interstate compact. Department of Corrections 770 West Broad Street Columbus, OH 43222 Phone: (614) 387-0809 Fax: (614) 752-0630
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Description: Department of Corrections 3700 North Classen Blvd., Suite 110 Oklahoma City, OK 73118 Phone: (405) 525-4510 General Fax: (405) 525-4524
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Description: The Pardon and Parole Board is the paroling authority for adult offenders. Under the Department of Corrections, the Division of Probation and Parole/Community Corrections provides supervision for adult probationers and parolees. Pardon and Parole Board First National Center 120 N. Robinson Ave., Suite 900W Oklahoma City, OK 73102 Phone: (405) 602-5863 Fax: (405) 602-6437
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Description: The Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision is the paroling authority for adult offenders who committed felonies before November 1989. The board sets conditions of supervision, imposes sanctions for violations, and determines whether discharge from parole supervision is compatible with public safety. The Community Corrections Branch of the Department of Corrections provides administrative oversight and funding for the community corrections activities of Oregon's 36 counties. Counties provide supervision services and sanctions to felony offenders in the community sentenced to probation, on parole or post-prison supervision after completion of a prison sentence, or sentenced or revoked to incarceration period of 12 months or less. The branch also provides administration for adult interstate compact. Department of Corrections 2575 Center Street N. E. Salem, OR 97301 Phone: (503) 945-9009 Fax: (503) 378-3609
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 in Corrections  in Corrections Arkansas Board of Correction & Community Punishment The Board of Correction and Community Punishment is the paroling authority for the state. The Department of Community Pu... Hits: 6357 Rating: rating: (1.5) (1.5)  in Corrections  in Corrections
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