A Week of Celebration and Recognition!

Community Corrections has a long and storied history. Our profession’s most important themes have carried through the decades—public safety for our neighborhoods, and, behavior change for those under supervision.

This year’s theme -Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow - celebrates the dynamic nature of our work. We are proud of our achievements as we look forward to the challenges to come.

Help us tell the story of community corrections. We want to hear about a pivotal moment in your agency’s history. Submit a link or document to APPA by emailing Diane Kincaid. Contributions will be posted below on a rolling basis.

Together, we can create a growing archive of our collective journey

History of APPA

The American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) was conceived in Houston, Texas, in 1974. The organization was borne out of frustration and anger by probation practitioners due to a lack of national representation for their field. The late Walter Dunbar, one of America's most distinguished correctional administrators, chaired the Probation Committee of the American Correctional Association (ACA). It was thereupon agreed that probation could no longer exist without a national level association and that, accordingly, those persons present at the Houston meeting, along with any others so motivated, would create a new organization to be known as the American Probation Association. Immediately, however, the organizers realized that probation had a "twin", and it was wisely decided to rename the proposed organization as the American Probation and Parole Association. The birth of APPA took place in Louisville, Kentucky on August 19, 1975, as part of the American Congress of Corrections.

APPA is committed to improving probation and parole practices at all levels by fostering the development of necessary knowledge, skills, resources and legislation for the most effective and realistic probation, parole and community-based correctional programming.

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