Information Updated October 13, 2005


Juvenile Probation and Parole

Juvenile probation and aftercare are within the executive branch of state government, Division of Juvenile Justice. Juvenile probation provides supervision to juvenile probationers as well as juveniles placed on aftercare.

Officers do not carry firearms, but are classified as peace officers and as such they have the power to arrest when there is probable cause to believe the minor has violated his/her probation or conditions of release from the court of jurisdiction; or when the court of jurisdiction has issued an arrest warrant or an order of the court to take the youth into custody and detain the youth.

There is a statewide policy that prohibits officers from carrying firearms.

There are no private companies providing juvenile probation or aftercare supervision services, however, there is some contracting with private companies for electronic monitoring.

Adult Probation and Parole

Division of Probation and Parole of the Alaska Department of Corrections supervises adult parolees and adult felony probation cases, which is in the Executive Branch of state government. Misdemeanor offenders granted probation by the District Courts are not supervised.

Officers are required to pass the firearms course during the basic academy to graduate, but are not required to carry a firearm in the performance of their duties. They are classified as peace officers and do have the power to arrest.  Since 1999, officers who want to carry a firearm undergo psychological testing.

The Anchorage Police Academy or the Department of Corrections Training Academy provides firearm education and training. Officers receive continuing education and training and are required to re-qualify twice a year.

Officers are required to carry a .40 caliber that is issued by the Department if they choose to be armed.  An officer can purchase and carry their own firearm, but it must be a 9mm or larger semi-automatic. Private firearms must be inspected yearly.

There are no private companies providing adult felony probation or parole supervision.

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