Information updated February 7, 2006
(Juvenile and Adult Probation only)

Juvenile and Adult Probation

In Guam, adult and juvenile probation are under the Judicial Branch, Judiciary of Guam, Probation Services Division.

Guam’s firearms policy adopted in 1992, mandated all adult and juvenile probation officers to carry a firearm according to Superior Court of Guam Administrative Policy 003-92.

Guam has established a High Risk Tactical Team who are certified in Basic Law Enforcement, Peace Officer Standards of Training (POST) and trained in Advance Police Tactics to perform all high-risk operations such as warrants, home searches and inmate escorts that may require using other types of weapons (rifles, shotguns, breaching tools).

Guam’s probation officers are classified as peace officers with the power to arrest. Psychological testing is not required; however, the Judiciary has a psychologist on board and is available if a need arises.

Policy strictly states probation officers must initially complete a forty-hour Basic Law Enforcement Firearms Course and re-qualify semi-annually in order to carry a firearm. A firearms instructor, a Deputy Marshall Supervisor, certified through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia, primarily provides training. In addition, officers receive training from Guam’s Police Department firearms instructor who is certified through Smith & Wesson and FATS (Firearms Simulation Training). Probation officers qualify with Guam’s Police Department’s FATS training system designed for shoot/no shoot scenarios. Probation officers are also required to pass the basic law enforcement training before being allowed to carry a firearm.

Probation officers are required to carry the Sig Sauer P228 9mm semi-automatic pistol. Probation Officers assigned to the Division High Risk Tactical Team are required to carry the H & K USP 9mm semi-automatic pistol and a .38 caliber snub nose revolver as a back-up firearm, or any other weapon owned by Superior Court; for shoulder weapons, any rifle, carbine or shotgun owned by the Courts. The Judiciary of Guam provides the firearms and the Courts policy does permit personal firearms to be used as approved by the Administrator of the Courts.

There are no private companies providing adult or juvenile probation supervision services.

Juvenile Parole

In Guam, there is no juvenile parole. When a juvenile serves any term of incarceration or detention as part of their disposition, they are then placed under the jurisdiction of juvenile probation and are supervised and monitored as per their disposition order.

Adult Parole

Adult parole is under the Executive Branch of government. (No further information available at the time of the survey)

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