Juvenile Probation and Parole

The Department of Human Services, Division of Youth Services administers probation and aftercare services through seven regional offices under the direction of the Office of Community Service. Youth services counselors stationed in youth court offices are state employees and provide intake, investigation, probation supervision, and aftercare supervision.

These youth services counselors do not carry a firearm, are not classified as peace officers, and do not have the power to arrest or take into custody.

Under statute, they are called counselors to eliminate confusion of officer status and whether or not to carry a firearm.

At the time of the survey, it was not under consideration to allow these youth services counselors to carry a firearm.

There are no private companies providing juvenile supervision services.

Adult Probation and Parole (updated September 8, 2006)

The Department of Corrections, Division of Community Services, within the Executive Branch of state government, is, by statute, responsible for adult probation and parole services in Mississippi.

Adult probation and parole officers in Mississippi have the option to carry a firearm. They are certified law enforcement officers and do have the power to arrest.  Mississippi’s firearm policy was instituted many years ago.

All certified Field Officers receive firearm education and training from the State Law Enforcement Training Academy. All Field Officers also attend a Department of Corrections firearm-training course. All officers are required to proficiently complete the training prior to being allowed to carry a firearm. They receive continuing training and must re-certify annually.

They are required to carry a .357 revolver or a 9mm provided by the Department.

There are no private companies that provide adult probation and parole supervision.

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