Information Updated November 9, 2005

Juvenile and Adult Probation

Probation is a part of the state Judiciary, and adult probation (felony and misdemeanor) and juvenile probation services are provided at the local level through probation divisions located in each county. Daily operations are under the control of the Chief Probation Officer, who reports to the local assignment judge and court administrator. Administrative, programmatic and policy direction is provided by the state Administrative Office of the Courts.

Adult and juvenile probation officers in New Jersey do not carry a firearm. They are not classified as peace officers but by statute have “powers of constables”. Their power to arrest is limited to probationers.

There is a Supreme Court policy that prohibits the officers from carrying a firearm.

At the time of the survey, it was not under consideration to allow these officers to carry a firearm.

There are no private companies providing adult and juvenile probation supervision services.

Adult Parole (Juvenile Parole not listed)

The New Jersey Division of Parole is a part of the New Jersey State Parole Board and falls within the Executive Branch of government. The Division of Parole is responsible for managing adults under supervision.

In 1992, a statewide firearms policy was instituted that applies to all New Jersey State Parole Officers. It is mandatory for New Jersey State Parole Officers to carry a firearm while on duty. Off duty carry of the duty weapon is at the officer's discretion.

Sworn staff are classified as peace officers with full police powers, including the power to arrest parolees or other individuals suspected of violating the laws of the state of New Jersey.

Training is provided through the New Jersey Police Training Commission. If an Officer does not proficiently complete the training, or fails to qualify with a firearm (annually by statute, semi--annually by agency policy), he or she will not be retained. Officers must undergo psychological testing prior to being allowed to carry a firearm.

The standard issue firearm is a .40 caliber, double action automatic.

There are no private entities that provide adult parole supervision services.

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