Information Updated November 7, 2005

Juvenile Probation and Parole

Within the Executive Branch of state government, The New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department, Juvenile Justice Division oversees juvenile probation and aftercare services through 13 district offices and 18 field offices. Juvenile probation and juvenile parole officers provide supervision services.

These officers do not carry a firearm. They are not classified as peace officers and can only take juveniles into custody who are on probation or parole.

There is a Department Code of Conduct policy that prohibits officers from carrying a firearm or other dangerous weapon in the workplace. Specific Juvenile Justice Division policy prohibits the carrying or use of weapons in Department vehicles, offices, facilities and facility grounds. Certified law enforcement officers, during the performance of their duties, are exempt.

At the time of the survey, it was not under consideration to allow the officers to carry a firearm.

There are no private companies providing juvenile supervision services.

Adult Probation and Parole

The Probation and Parole Division of the New Mexico Corrections Department, within the Executive Branch, provides probation and parole services for adult felons and adult parolees. Misdemeanants placed on probation are supervised, however, felons take priority over misdemeanants.

Adult probation and parole officers have the option to carry a firearm with required certification. They are classified as peace officers and do have the power to arrest.

Firearm education and training are provided by the state. Officers do undergo psychological testing prior to being allowed to carry a firearm. Officers who opt to carry a firearm are required to proficiently complete the required certification prior to being allowed to carry a firearm. Basic continuing education is required for officers as well as annual re-qualification.

The Division issues a .40 caliber handgun, a .223 caliber AR-15 carbine and 12 gauge shotgun.

There are private companies that provide adult probation and parole supervision through the Community Corrections Program under contract with the Probation and Parole Division.

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