Booth Reservation

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Contact Information

Please Choose a Booth(s)

8' X 10' Booth Options Until 6/1/17 After 6/1/17 Quantity
Regular Non-Profit $1,750 $1,950
Corner Non-Profit $2,050 $2,250
Regular Profit $2,395 $2,595
Corner Profit $2,695 $2,895
Corporate Village*+ $1,000 $1,000
*When available. Corporate Village fee is PER BOOTH SPACE.
+Village available to Corporate Members only and limited to one. To learn about corporate membership, contact APPA.

Preferred Booth Location

When possible, space will be assigned according to the exhibitor’s request. Preferences for booth location are not guaranteed. Space will be assigned on date application is received. Final space will be determined by APPA. *Three choices are required. Review the booths and complete explanation of booth assignment practices.

Badge Information

Each for-profit booth is entitled to two full Institute registration badges (includes expo) and two expo only badges. Each non-profit company is entitled to one full Institute badge and two expo only badges. Exhibitors wishing to purchase additional expo-only badges may do so at a cost of $100 each. Read a further explanation of APPA’s badge policy.

Full Institute Badges

2 per booth for for-profit companies; 1 per booth for non-profit organizations

Full Badge #1
Full Badge #2

Expo-Only Badges

2 per booth for both for-profit companies and non-profit organizations

Expo Badge #1
Expo Badge #2

Additional Expo-Only Badges

$100 each

Expo Badge #3
Expo Badge #4
Expo Badge #5
Expo Badge #6

It is understood and agreed that APPA reserves the right to assign exhibitors to locations and hereby assures the exhibitor that APPA will make every effort to place the exhibitor in the best possible location for the benefit of the exhibitor and the betterment of the exhibition. However, APPA reserves the right to make the final space assignment and to change, at its sole discretion, any such assignment as it may deem necessary for the betterment of the exhibition. It is further understood and agreed that the exhibitor must abide by the information contained in the exhibitor website which is part of this contract.

I hereby represent that I am authorized to submit this Booth Reservation Contract on behalf of my company; that I have read, understand and agree on behalf of my company to be bound by the terms of the contract and the accompanying exhibitor website; that the information provided herein is true; and that I understand that this Contract is complete only when accepted by APPA.