Collaborative Care: Client, Community & Medical Engagement


Tuesday, February 27, 2024
2:15 PM - 3:45 PM
Session Type: Workshop

Collaborative Care, a model of healthcare developed in 2017 for the treatment of chronic conditions, embraces the full spectrum of physical, mental, and social health. This approach to care is well suited for the complex, growing, and costly client population that has a substance use disorder and are justice involved. In this session, you will learn evidenced-based tactics proven to help clients take control of their health and maintain long-term recovery. These tactics include lifting health literacy, encouraging client engagement through contingency management, and promoting pro social behavior through cognitive behavioral therapy and problem solving therapy. The effectiveness of each tactic will be demonstrated through healthcare outcome data analytics. This session will also discuss how to access Medicaid financial resources to fully fund the provision of collaborative care and other related healthcare cost in a manner that creates a win for treatment courts, a win for the client, and a win for Medicaid. The economic benefits for treatment courts, clients, and Medicaid will be illustrated via financial analysis that highlights the cost savings of increasing health literacy and engaging clients in preventive care. 1247 of 2000 max character


Traci Sweet
Chief Operating Officer, Holon Health

Dr. Sweet is a behavioral health and substance use disorder professional with 30+ years of expertise providing operational and clinical leadership. She received her doctoral degree from California Southern University and later received her MBA in Organizational Leadership from Wilmington University. Dr. Sweet is also a Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Her passion for developing operations and programs that result in systemic change for populations who have experienced a lack of successful treatment options began in 1990 while at Yale Psychiatric Institute’s “Treatment Resistant” program for juveniles from all over the US who were labeled as difficult to treat and left without other options. Since then, Dr. Sweet has made a career of working with challenging populations, including impaired professionals, adjudicated & treatment resistant adolescents, and criminal justice-involved and incarcerated adults with a specific focus on increasing access to quality care, improving the patient experience, and reducing costs using technology & innovation to augment evidence-based treatments.

Chris Vascopoulos
Medical Doctor, Board Certified in Addiction Medicine, Critical Care and Pain Medicine, Holon Health

Dr. Voscopoulos is the President of Medical Specialists Associates, a multispecialty multi-state medical group based out of Northern CA. He believes in applying the best tools from economics and organizational behavior to create a working environment that naturally brings out the best clinical care at the lowest costs possible. He also strives to integrate complimentary and integrative medical approaches to the management of chronic diseases in the area of pain and addiction medicine .He earned his medical degree from Tulane University School of Medicine.