Who You Gonna Call?


Monday, January 31, 2022
2:15 PM - 3:15 PM
Session Type: Workshop

With over 200,000 people on felony supervision in Georgia, the Department Community Supervision (DCS) is forced to pursue innovative solutions to maximize the amount of time our officers have with supervisees. This workshop will explore how DCS utilizes a Centralized Reporting Unit (CRU) to enable officers to spend more time with the supervisees that are most in need of our services. This workshop will also cover the benefits and challenges of opening and operating an in-house call center.


Pamela Thrift
Centralized Reporting Unit Program Manager, Georgia Department of Community Supervision

Pamela Thrift is the Program Manager of the Georgia Department of Community Supervision’s Centralized Reporting Unit (CRU). In this role, Pamela helped develop and design the CRU by expanding the unit's size to 35 employees and its responsibilities to include monitoring low-risk supervisees and streamlining administrative functions that were once handled by officers. Over the course of her career, Pamela has served in many leadership roles, including Field Training Officer, Assistant Chief, and Criminal Investigation Supervisor. In 2016, Pamela transferred to the Department’s Special Operations Unit where she served as the Statewide Warrant Coordinator with oversight of the agency’s Intelligence Unit. A graduate of Georgia Southern University, Pamela has over 22 years of community corrections experience.