Go-Getters Don't Have Time to Waste: Implementation Science as a Way to Accelerate Your Impact


Monday, January 23, 2023
1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Session Type: Special Session

Correctional organizations are often required to serve a myriad of functions. From building a supportive alliance, to holding people accountable, to delivering cognitive behavioral interventions, to getting people off the streets when things go wrong; the many roles that we play can significantly and negatively affect our impact on those we serve and the community. Over time, our frantic pace and divergent duties take their toll on our outcomes and lead the most energized and enthusiastic go-getters to feel frustrated, exhausted, and even burnt out. Effective implementation is a direct result of the people doing the work, the culture within which they are working, the data driving the process, the feedback to understand the impact, and the leaders at the helm. These five dynamics make up the core components of implementation science and provide organizations with a roadmap to successful and sustainable programs, practices, and outcomes. The purpose of this intensive workshop is to demystify implementation science by reviewing the Five Dynamics of Effective Implementation and introduce easy to apply tools and strategies that create alignment, focus, and ultimately better outcomes. Participants will walk away with practical tools and strategies that can be immediately applied to their work.


Dr. Alexandra Walker
Director of Community Relations and Strategy, The Alliance for Community & Justice Innovation

Alex has over 20 years of experience working in human services. Prior to founding ACJI with her partners, Alex has worked across the legal spectrum in residential treatment, jails, halfway houses, prisons, and community reentry programs with her most recent position being the Vice Chair of the Colorado Board of Parole. Alex is committed to the idea that organizations are in control of their outcomes. Said another way, she believes that there are reasons why socially significant outcomes have been elusive for many justice agencies and has dedicated her career to helping agencies uncover these critical, yet often overlooked, aspects of their work. As a Founding Member of the Alliance for Community and Justice Innovation, she partners with multiple government agencies to address alignment and implementation challenges that get in the way of service delivery. This work focuses on clearly identifying desired outcomes and building innovative systems to support the people, data, culture, and leadership factors that support the work. Leveraging her experience as a public speaker and implementer, Alex specializes in facilitating small and large group workshops, presentations, and engagement events to identify and address the alignment and adaptive challenges of implementing transformational change.