Rumble in the A!


Monday, January 31, 2022
9:15 AM - 10:45 AM
Session Type: Workshop

Join us for the Rumble in the “A” – a unique educational, yet amusing experience! An “announcer” will introduce three topics during this 90-minute session – GPS Monitoring, Marijuana Laws, and Effective Supervision. Countless questions will be asked and responded to during the moderated debate, of sorts, such as: Is GPS a valuable tool that enhances public safety? Should community corrections staff focus less attention on a positive test for marijuana now that most jurisdictions are minimizing laws and penalties around possession and use? Can a PO effectively supervise an individual in a community in which he/she does not reside or feel comfortable with its residents? During this community corrections discussion, the room will be broken into three sections. Once the subject and initial question is posed, participants will be asked to begin to move to one of the three sections – Section 1 (yes/pro); Section 2 (no/oppose); and (3) I plead the Fifth or I am neutral. Each group will be given 10 minutes to discuss and offer information and facts. After deliberation, each will elect a representative(s) to debate the topic. Participants might be convinced to change their perspectives. At the end of the discussion, the team that has more participants than they started with will be the Rumble in the “A” Champions! Due to limited space, participants will be asked to sign up at the host committee table once on site in Atlanta.


Jude David
Probation Manager, MA Probation Service/MA Trial Court/Office of Commissioner of Probation

Jude David is a motivational speaker, community liaison and a life skills coach who brings awareness, entertainment and education into every presentation he delivers. He started his career in Arizona at the sheriff’s department; then returned home to Massachusetts and began working in the juvenile detention center as a unit supervisor. In advancement of his career, prior to his current role, he worked at the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department and served as a probation officer for the Massachusetts Trial Court. Outside of his professional career, he sits on the board of a nonprofit focused on reviving, teaching and motivating youth of the African diaspora to explore their heritage, especially in the Haitian community of Boston. He mentors and coaches youth in basketball and life skills and shares his perspective of growing up in poverty and hopelessness to becoming a role model and law enforcement personnel. He has appeared on several podcasts and radio stations in the Boston area.