Reconstructing Court Orders


Monday, February 6, 2023
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Session Type: Workshop

This session will highlight our Probation District’s experience as we went through a Probation System Review in 2017-18. Because probation orders are the foundation to the accountability plan and an effective habilitative plan, this system review identified the need for enhancement of probation orders with attention to language which is at a more accessible reading level for youth/families, reduction in the number of probation conditions, and conditions which target the adjudicated offense and key life areas. With national technical assistance, use of Implementation Science principles and tools, and in partnership with our Juvenile Court Judges, we have developed and implemented enhancements to our processes specific to recommendations to our judges at the time of disposition.


Wendy Barrera
Placement Coordinator, NE Supreme Court Office of Probation Administration

Wendy Barrera is the District Programs Coordinator with District #3J Probation in Lincoln, NE. In her new role will support the district’s Ad Maior efforts and future initiatives. She began with Probation in 2008 and served as the Juvenile Drug Court Coordinator in Lancaster County until 2020. She provides coaching and supervision to probation officers who implement AC4E core case management components. Serves as co-chair in our Probation Orders workgroup. Experience as a presenter and trainer within Probation. Prior work experience with adults with co-occurring disorders. She received her Master’s in Social Work in 2007 from the University of Nebraska – Omaha.

Hon. Roger Heideman
Separate Juvenile Court Judge, Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas

Honorable Judge Roger J. Heideman has been in his judgeship since 2006 in the Separate Juvenile Court of Lancaster County. He serves as the Lancaster County Family Treatment Drug Court presiding judge and serves on Nebraska Supreme Court committees such as Commission on Children in Court, co-chair, Through the Eyes of a Child Initiative, co-chair, Committee on Problem Solving Courts, Judicial Branch Education Advisory Committee amongst others. He has received honors, awards, and presented on topics specific to children, families, and family drug courts.

Beverly Hoagland
Chief Deputy Probation Officer, Nebraska State Probation