Tech2Connect Reentry: Using Technology to Achieve Success in the Community.


Monday, February 6, 2023
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Session Type: Workshop

To provide an overview of the Tech2Connect Reentry Program in Iowa. This innovative program uses cutting edge tablet technology to connect individuals in prison to the community and providing increased programming and treatment to clients already in the community. Community corrections professionals are reaching into the institutions via technology to assess incarcerated individuals’ treatment and reentry needs, provide treatment services utilizing tablet technology to provide an expanded menu of service and connect with services available in their home communities. The mission is for increased treatment dosage to both community and institutional individuals and for them to remain more connected to their community than to the prison, residential facility, or parole/probation supervision they are currently involved in. The professionals involved with this program from the beginning will share their road map for successful implementation, lessons learned from experience and will describe how technology has helped remove long standing barriers to successful re-entry for justice involved individuals.


Kendrick Howard
Parole/Probation Supervisor, 7th Judicial District Department of Correctional Services

Kendrick Howard has been employed with Seventh Judicial District Department of Correctional Services since 2008. Before working with the department. Kendrick served in the United States Army. He has worked as a Residential Officer, Probation/Parole Officer, and Residential Supervisor. He currently serves as a Probation/Parole Supervisor and has been the lead on implementation of the Tech2Connect Reentry Program in 7th District. Kendrick has a Bachelor’s degree in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration from Western Illinois University. Along with supervising one-third of field Probation/Parole officers in Scott County, he also supervises field Probation/Parole officers in Muscatine and Cedar Counties.

Holly Reid
Residential Officer, Probation/Parole Officer, and Community Treatment Coordinator, 7th Judicial District Department of Correctional Services

Holly Reid has been employed with the Seventh Judicial District Department of Correctional Services since 2003 holding the positions of Residential Officer, Probation/Parole Officer and now Community Treatment Coordinator. She has been very involved in teaching and coaching Core Correctional Practices within the Seventh District. Prior to working for the Seventh District, she worked at the Center for Alcohol and Drugs Services (CADS) conducting substance abuse evaluations and providing education to juveniles and also at Wittenmyer Youth Center providing supervision and education. Holly has her Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Criminal Justice and minor in Psychology. She also has her Master of Criminal Justice Degree. She currently is one of two Community Treatment Coordinators that have aided in the implementation of Tech2Connect in the Seventh District.

Mr. Jim (James) David Varland, LMFT
Treatment Unit Supervisor, 6th Judicial District Department of Correctional Services

Jim Varland is an Iowa Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist, as well as a Sex Offender Treatment Provider, Level II. He has extensive training in EMDR and Solutions Focused Therapy. He has earned his Master of Arts degree in counseling psychology and Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. Jim has been working in the Iowa corrections system since 2001 serving in both institutional and community based corrections. Jim has also worked in hospitals, private practices, family service agencies, and has been an adjunct instructor for three different colleges. He has been the Treatment Supervisor for the 2nd Judicial District since 2015 and has been the lead on implementation of the Tech2Connect Reentry Program in 2 nd District. He currently supervisors a team that consists of treatment staff and high risk Probation/Parole Officers.