Strategies to Disarm Domestic Violence Offenders


Tuesday, February 27, 2024
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Session Type: Workshop

This interactive workshop will provide an overview of firearm surrender protocols that have been implemented in various settings across the country. There are three types of this protocol: court-centered, front line law enforcement-centered, and probation-centered. Although this workshop emphasizes the probation centered protocol, it is not intended for probation agents exclusively. It is instead intended to explore the strengths of probation centered firearm surrender protocols, especially in collaboration with the legal system overall. It is therefore intended to address law enforcement, the judiciary, domestic violence advocates, prosecutors, and probation officers through civil and criminal justice protocols and how all these team members can work together. In addition to statistical research, the presenter also explores the practical application of surrender protocols as well as practical tips on implementing firearm surrender protocols in your community utilizing either federal or state law to your benefit.


Jennifer Waindle
Director, Battered Women's Justice Project

Jennifer Waindle joins BWJP with extensive experience in domestic violence prevention and law enforcement. She has spent more than 18 years in various leadership roles in DeKalb County in metro Atlanta, helping protect victims and investigate and prosecute offenders while advancing lifesaving law enforcement programs throughout the state of Georgia. Most recently, she was a Senior Investigator in the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office where she co-led a newly formed Firearm Violence Prevention Unit focused on firearm assaults and homicides by serial offenders with an extensive domestic violence or felony background. The unit engaged in public outreach and education programs in firearm safety as well as collaborating extensively with federal law enforcement agencies. Earlier in her career with the District Attorney’s Office, she was part of the Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault unit that investigated and prosecuted felony cases involving intimate partner violence, intimate partner homicide and adult sexual assault. Prior to Jennifer’s work with the District Attorney’s Office, she was a Supervisor for DeKalb County State Court Probation. There she developed and implemented the policies and procedures for Intensive Supervision of Domestic Violence Probationers. Additionally, she mentored other probation and parole agencies in Georgia to develop specialized domestic violence units aimed at offender accountability while also assisting survivors and their families. In 2014, Jennifer led her department in implementing the first formal firearms protocol in the State of Georgia on a misdemeanor level. This protocol retrieves firearms from probationers convicted of family violence offenses utilizing the federal firearms ban under the Lautenberg Amendment and is now used as a model for districts around the country.