I'm Just a Kid: Simple Plan to Gain Knowledge and Application of Adolescent Brain Development within Youth Justice


Monday, February 6, 2023
10:15 AM - 11:15 AM
Session Type: Workshop

This session includes a Simple Plan to educate and enhance participants skills to apply adolescent development and positive youth approaches. When put into practice, these approaches can significantly impact re-offending and improve behavioral outcomes for youth in the justice system. By the end of this workshop participants will acquire knowledge in the 5 areas of adolescent behavior and development and learn how each area impacts roles within the youth justice system. Understanding the 5 areas of development increases the capacity to understand youth perspective, monitor bias, educate others, and aid youth in development.


Michelle Lindhardt
Probation Officer, NE Board of Parole/Division of Parole Supervision

Michelle Lindhart Michelle Lindhart is a Juvenile Probation Officer with Lancaster County Juvenile Probation (District #3J) in Lincoln, Nebraska. Serving as a Truancy Officer, Ms. Lindhart conducts investigations for post-adjudicated youth and provides supervision for status youth. Prior to her acquiring this position, Ms. Lindhart served as a RISE (Recognizing Increased Skills in Education) Specialist with AmeriCorps in District #3J. Facilitating educational-based groups for adjudicated youth, Ms. Lindhart’s service as a RISE Specialist resulted in the discovery of her passion for Juvenile Justice and youth empowerment and advocacy. In addition to sharing with others the importance of Adolescent Brain Development and its application within the Juvenile Justice System, Ms. Lindhart aided in the creation and implementation of the Adolescent Brain Development Curriculum within District #3J. Ms. Lindhart received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Spanish from Central College in Pella, Iowa.

MaKayla Parriott
Probation Officer, NE Board of Parole/Division of Parole Supervision

MaKayla Parriott is a Probation Officer with District #3J Probation in Lincoln, Nebraska. She began in this role in November 2020, working in the Predisposition Investigation Unit providing supervision to pre-adjudicated and predisposition youth, writing investigations and making recommendations to the court. Ms. Parriott also serves on the Intake team for District #3J, partnering with law enforcement and other agencies in order to find the least restrictive placement while ensuring community safety is being upheld. Prior to her role as a Probation Officer, Ms. Parriott worked as an Investigation Assistant for District #3J Probation and as an attendance interventionist within the Crete Public School system, diverting youth from the probation system in regard to truancy matters. Ms. Parriott is a trainer for the Adolescent Brain Development Curriculum, which she helped create and implement into District 3J. She is heavily involved in reform efforts through The Dennis M. Mondoro Probation and Juvenile Justice System Enhancement Project and serves on a statewide officer discussion group for the Juvenile Justice System Enhancement for Nebraska. Ms. Parriott received her Bachelor's Degree in 2019 from Doane University, double majoring in Sociology - emphasis in Criminology and Philosophy.