Common Tribal Issues While Working with Offenders and Possible Solutions


Tuesday, February 27, 2024
11:15 AM - 12:15 PM
Session Type: Workshop

I will go over common issues that are seen in tribal communities and how some have been overcome, how some are looking at being overcome, and what are suggestions, ideas, or best practices to overcome issues.


Crystal Gonzales
DV Probation Officer, Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council, Inc

My name is Crystal Gonzales. Raised in beautiful Northern New Mexico right in the middle of the communities I serve. Received my degree in Criminal Justice in 2013. I have been the DV Probation Officer for ENIPC Peacekeepers the last 6 years. I completed the tribal probation academy in December 2018. I was recently named the Tribal Issues Committee Chair for APPA during the 48th Annual Training Institute in New York. I am very passionate in the work that I do and try to think outside of the box in order to help my clients get the help they need as well as helping to keep the communities safe.