Elevating Client Supervision Animated Series: Pop-up Theatre


Monday, February 26, 2024
1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
Session Type: Special Session

Join us for a new FREE animated series created in collaboration with Probation and Parole Subject Matter Experts dedicated to applying successful supervision practices to today’s unique client experiences, interactions, and obstacles. For those looking to elevate your supervision techniques in the Community Corrections Field, this training is for you! This series provides 6 animated shorts and will be available during APPA‘s Winter Training Institute in Seattle to both our virtual and on-site attendees. WHAT TO EXPECT Learn the skills and techniques needed to empower your clients for successful community reintegration while reducing recidivism. The titles of each short are: “The Emotionally Intelligent PO” “Coaching Your Clients” “PO Basic Awareness of New Drug Trends and Officer Safety” “Managing High Risk and Violent Clients” “Effective Supervision for POs with Diverse Clientele” “Navigating Change: A Guide for POs” DISPLAY YOUR ACHIEVEMENT Complete this series and the survey to receive an official APPA “Elevating Client Supervision” digital badge. Display it in your e-mail signature and on social media signifying your achievement and dedication to client success. APPA will also offer 1 contact hour of Continued Education Credits. Access and download your certificate through the Seattle Training Institute mobile app or website.


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