Aligning Violation Processes to Agency Purpose


Monday, February 26, 2024
2:15 PM - 3:15 PM
Session Type: Workshop

Reaching consensus on the purpose of supervising community corrections agencies, and the field of probation and parole, has been a struggle in the United States. Data is clear about the connection between revocation and the growing prison population, and research shows how violations processes can support positive behavior change. Come learn about Hennepin County’s attempts to strike a balance in adult probation violation processes, reserving the most severe responses to risk of danger/injury/violence, bringing more consistency to responses for minor infractions, and emphasizing the need for community treatment responses to addiction. This session will provide what we did, the impact of those changes, and our strategic reform framework that leaders can draw from to launch their own reforms.


Julie Rud
Field Services Area Director, Hennepin County Community Corrections, Administration

Julie Rud leads Minnesota's largest field services operation including adult and juvenile pretrial, probation, supervised release and community programming. Her career began as a PO in innovative programs such as drug court, gender-specific, and anti-violence specializations.

Carrie Scardigli
Division Manager, Hennepin County Community Corrections, Administration

Carrie now leads the adult pre-adjudication division of Hennepin County Field Services, with a career that has touched nearly every pretrial role of the department as a PO or Supervisor. Carrie was lead innovation coordinator of violation reform work, later serving as director of the County's Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee.