An Intentional & Restorative Model of Pretrial Supervision


Tuesday, February 27, 2024
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Session Type: Workshop

Learn how to apply new research that supports the use of support and behavioral health services and interventions in pretrial supervision to increase successful outcomes, while protecting the presumption of innocence and using least constrictive conditions. Models multiple pretrial supervision strategies, such as structured appointments, integration of support services, alternative responses to pretrial misconduct and restorative, needs-based supervision. How to recommend release conditions directed toward individualized risk of reoffending and failing to appear and use interventions to mitigate common areas of pretrial misconduct and barriers to success, such as substance abuse, residential instability and unemployment. Includes real-life examples of how intentional supervision and participation in voluntarily support services has improved outcomes in Cass County, Indiana. Learn how data can be used to identify areas of change in your agency and move towards a needs-based model of supervision to produce more positive outcomes.


Dir. Hillary LeeAnn Hartoin
Court and Pretrial Services Director, Cass County Court Services

Hillary Hartoin currently serves as the Court & Pretrial Services Director in Cass County Indiana and has over ten years of experience in multiple areas of criminal justice, including clerk & court administration, grant management, pretrial supervision, probation and community corrections. She is a certified probation officer, NAPSA Certified Pretrial Services Professional and developed and continues to oversee the Cass County Pretrial Release Program. She has led the implementation of system wide community supervision performance measurement and data analysis in Cass County as the current Local JRAC Chair, specializing in data-driven and evidence-based decision making and CQI. She serves on both the Indiana Pretrial Data and Coordinator Subcommittees and is an active member of the APPR Pretrial Practitioner Network and NIC Pretrial Executive Network. Hillary is passionate about intentional and need-focused models of supervision that balance opportunity with accountability. In her current role, she also works to advance local jail treatment and programming initiatives and behavioral health services.