The Medicine Wheel as a Treatment Tool


Monday, February 26, 2024
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Session Type: Workshop

The medicine wheel is a Native American/Alaska Native model that has been used as a spiritual and life guide to healing and well being for many generations. There are many variations of the medicine wheel used by different tribes who all focus on living in balance and in harmony with all of creation. Participants will learn to use the medicine wheel as an assessment, treatment and recovery tool for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing to improve social, communication and relationship skills.


Nora Cornelius
Co-occurring Therapist, Goodheart Behavior Health

Nora Cornelius MSW, LMHC, SUDP is a Spokane Tribal Member who completed her bachelors and masters of Social Work degrees at Eastern Washington University. She has been in the counseling field for 27 years working primarily with Native American youth and families. She is currently a co-occurring therapist at Goodheart Behavioral Health in Spokane Washington. She is trained in the White Bison for prisons recovery program and volunteered at Washington State Penitentary for several years teaching white bison and assisting in the regalia program. She practices holistic healing and is trained in heart centered hypnotherapy, incorporating many traditional ways of healing to address issues related to generational and complex trauma. The medicine wheel is used to assist healing and integration of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of each individual. When she is not working, she enjoys watching basketball, going to powwows, gathering native plants as medicine, gardening, sewing and mostly spending time with family and friends.