Let’s Talk About the Maine Model of Corrections: Change, Labels, Language Matters!


Tuesday, February 27, 2024
11:15 AM - 12:15 PM
Session Type: Workshop

Making our Communities Safer by Reducing Harm through Supportive Intervention, Empowering Change, and Restoring Lives. The Maine Department of Corrections is committed to a new model of corrections, one promoting the safety and wellbeing of staff and residents, while also ensuring residents and community clients see fewer barriers as they meaningfully engage with rehabilitative-focused services. This operating philosophy, known as the Maine Model of Corrections, is founded in the principles of normalization and humanization, with emphasis on destigmatization, respect, and modernization of the Department as a whole. The transformation to the Maine Model of Corrections will lead to a stronger, healthier, and more meaningful environment for staff, residents, and clients, without compromising the importance of public safety. Working closely with victim service organizations and community partners, the Maine Department of Corrections will continue to emphasize the importance of sound community transition practices and safe Maine communities.


Kim Carson
Regional Correctional Administrator, Maine Department of Corrections

Kim Carson is a graduate of Colorado State University. Kim's probation career began in Colorado in 1992, working for the State and US Probation. In 2015, she relocated to Maine and is currently the Regional Correctional Administrator, Region 1 for one of the Adult Community Corrections Regions in Maine.

Robert LaPlante
Regional Correctional Administrator, Maine Department of Corrections

Robert LaPlante is graduate of the University of Southern Maine. He began his career at the Maine Department of Corrections in 2007, as a Juvenile Community Corrections Officer. He currently is a Regional Correctional Administrator for Adult Community Service in the State of Maine in Region III. He graduated from the APPA Leadership Institute

Mrs. Rosalie Morin
Staff Development Coordinator, Maine Department of Corrections

Rosalie Morin began her career with the Maine Department of Corrections as a Juvenile Program Worker at the Northern Maine Juvenile Detention Facility in 1999. She is currently the Staff Development Coordinator for the Mountain View Correctional Facility and the Downeast Correctional Facility

Adam Silberman
Regional Correctional Administrator, Maine Department of Corrections

Adam Silberman began his probation career in Maricopa County in 1997. Working in Vermont and in Maine. He is currently the Regional Correctional Administration II. He graduated from APPA Leadership Institute