Marijuana Legalization: What Does It Mean for Community Supervision


Tuesday, August 30, 2022
11:15 AM - 12:15 PM
Session Type: Workshop

More than half of the US population is in states where marijuana is legal for medical or adult recreational use (although laws and practices vary widely)—and federal legalization might be coming soon. We’ll present the latest research findings on legalization and implications for community-supervision agencies, including behavioral health, driving under the influence, youth use, and testing.


Dr. Jonathan Kulick
Deputy Director of Research and Programs, NYU Marron Institute

Jonathan Kulick, PhD, is Deputy Director of Research and Programs at the NYU Marron Institute and co-director of the Swift Certain Fair (SCF) Resource center, which provides training and technical assistance for community-supervision reform. He is a policy analyst and has led studies and technical-assistance projects in crime, drugs, and governance. He has a BA in mathematics from Swarthmore College, an MPhil in policy analysis from the RAND Graduate School, and a PhD in mechanical engineering from Stanford University.

Sandy Mullins
Senior Research Scholar, Litmus, New York University, Marron Institute of Urban Management

Sandy F. Mullins, JD, is a Senior Research Scholar at the NYU Marron Institute and co-director of the Swift Certain Fair (SCF) Resource center. She develops and implements policy, initiatives, and legislation to improve public safety. Prior to joining NYU, she was Senior Policy Advisor for Public Safety and Government Operations in the Washington State Office of the Governor; Director of the Washington State Department of Corrections Office of Executive Policy; Executive Director of the Washington State Sentencing Guidelines Commission and Sex Offender Policy Board; and Executive Director of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar. She has a BS in psychology and a JD from the University of Colorado.