How Victim Notification Legislation can Support GPS Supervision


Monday, February 26, 2024
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Session Type: Workshop

With more domestic violence victims seeking help from abusive situations, the need for victim notification solutions is on the rise. The goal of this session is to review the implementation of the Tiffany Hill Act (SB 5149) and the recent HB 1715 and how they are supporting victims of domestic and intimate partner violence in the state of Washington. There has been negative press around these laws due to high costs and the lack of statewide availability. This session will include industry experts from the legislative and investigatory levels to discuss how victim notification can and should be utilized. In addition, this session will conclude with a short demo of the technology that is available to correlate the capabilities and limitations of using victim notification.


Joey Cooper
Solution Engineer, SCRAM Systems

Joey Cooper is the Solutions Engineer at SCRAM Systems working alongside the Product and Business Development teams. Joey graduated from San Diego State University with a BS in Criminal Justice and started working in the industry as a case manager for SCRAM of California, a service provider operating in the Southwest. Joey then took over GPS Operations for SCRAM of California and their subsidiaries managing accounts across five states ranging from local, county, state, and federal contracts. Joey has helped trained law enforcement agencies on GPS best practices as well as testified to GPS data in multiple states. He then joined SCRAM Systems in 2022 as the Solutions Engineer where and acts as a technical resource for the Sales and Product teams to support continued product success and development. Throughout his time at SCRAM Systems, Joey has worked with multiple agencies domestically and internationally, helping implement new programs and assisting with product development.

Bryan Farrell
Administrative Services Manager, Clark County District Court Probation Services

Bryan Farrell is the District Court Administrator for Clark County District Court. Prior to his appointment in 2022, he served in various capacities over the last 26 years between the Oregon Judicial Department and Clark County District Court. Bryan’s most recent positions included Deputy Court Administrator, Probation Services Division Manager, and Therapeutic Court Coordinator. Bryan served as an education and training co-chair for the Washington State Misdemeanor Probation Association. He led the planning and implementation team to develop and implement the Domestic Violence Victim Notification Program in Clark County. He was a member of the Washington State Probation Focus Group, assisting in the development and rollout of a new statewide probation case management system. Throughout his career in the Judicial branch, Bryan has led multiple projects that led to system-wide changes in Court, Probation, Pretrial Release, and Drug Courts.

Tina Scott
Ret. Investigator, San Diego County District Attorney

Tina Scott worked as a Peace Officer for the City of La Mesa in San Diego County for 17 years before moving to the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office as a District Attorney Investigator for 8 years before retiring in 2023. During her career with La Mesa Police Department, she was assigned to the detective division twice. Although she investigated all types of crimes, she specialized in adult sexual assaults, elder abuse, child pornography, and stalking. While with the department she was also a Field Training Officer and P.E.R.T. (Psychiatric Emergency Response Team) Officer. After moving to the District Attorney’s Office, she worked in the Major Violators Unit, Witness Relocation/Safety Unit, South Bay Gangs Unit, and Sex Crimes/Human Trafficking/”Stranger” Stalking (SCHT) Unit. While working SCHT, Tina worked on several cases where the use of GPS monitoring became an essential part of keeping the victim’s safe as well as an additional tool in the investigation prior to conviction.

Tanya Wollstein
Sergeant, Vancouver Police Department

Tanya Wollstein is a sergeant with the Vancouver Police Department Domestic Violence Unit. During her tenure in the Domestic Violence Unit, she testified in support of the Tiffany Hill Act and continues to advocate for legislation promoting the safety of domestic violence victims. Sergeant Wollstein is responsible for instituting Vancouver Police Department’s lethality assessment for victims of domestic violence, the development and implementation of Vancouver Police Department’s Sexual Assault Investigation Policy, and VPD’s patrol-based Sexual Assault Investigator program. Sergeant Wollstein serves as a board member of the Northwest Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation (NWCAVE). Sergeant Wollstein provides Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Investigation training to law enforcement agencies and partners throughout the Northwest.