Hustle & Motivate: The Re-Up and ReCharge


Wednesday, February 2, 2022
9:45 AM - 10:45 AM
Session Type: Workshop

This workshop is designed to give pure motivation! For the veterans that lost their edge, for the newer employee that’s excited for their new career and for the seasoned co-worker that feels overlooked or underappreciated; this session is for you. It is designed to remind you why you chose to be in public service and why you are influential to your community and your team! You have the power and the strength to face adversity. You are here, in this career, for a reason. Not by fault but by design. You built yourself from the ground up! Continue to grind! Continue to be influential! Hustle and motivate!


Jude David
Probation Manager, MA Probation Service/MA Trial Court/Office of Commissioner of Probation

Jude David is a motivational speaker, community liaison and a life skills coach who brings awareness, entertainment and education into every presentation he delivers. He started his career in Arizona at the sheriff’s department; then returned home to Massachusetts and began working in the juvenile detention center as a unit supervisor. In advancement of his career, prior to his current role, he worked at the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department and served as a probation officer for the Massachusetts Trial Court. Outside of his professional career, he sits on the board of a nonprofit focused on reviving, teaching and motivating youth of the African diaspora to explore their heritage, especially in the Haitian community of Boston. He mentors and coaches youth in basketball and life skills and shares his perspective of growing up in poverty and hopelessness to becoming a role model and law enforcement personnel. He has appeared on several podcasts and radio stations in the Boston area.