I Am Who I Am: Personalities Matter!


Monday, February 26, 2024
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Session Type: Workshop

By understanding personality traits, you increase self-knowledge and self-awareness. Your personality can help or hinder you in your succession. If you do not understand what drives your actions and behaviors, it will be hard to cultivate growth, especially in leadership roles. As you discover what inspires you, you’ll identify what may hold you back. You’ll discover the traits, habits and behaviors that propel you forward and identify the traits, habits and behaviors that has caused you to mismanage, micromanage or misunderstand co-workers, family, and friends.


Jude David
Probation Manager, MA Probation Service/MA Trial Court/Office of Commissioner of Probation

Jude David is a motivational speaker and trainer that brings authenticity, entertainment and education in every presentation he delivers. Growing from humbled beginnings, he devoted his career to public service and did so in a manner that was true to his culture and his identity. Starting his career as a group home manager for at risk youth, he transitioned to the Department of Youth Services as a unit supervisor. Four years later, he moved to the Sheriff’s Department where he was able to complete his Master’s Degree in Public Administration. In 2018, he became a probation officer and since then has been promoted to his current role of Program Manager. He is a self-proclaimed “city kid” that stresses the importance of authenticity and diversity. He is a national speaker who brings popular culture into his speeches with the use of music, movies and entertainment to deliever his punchlines. He is high energy, relatable, edgy and fun to watch.