Special Presentation: Introducing APPA’s Data Exchange Standardization Effort: PAPDeX


Monday, January 31, 2022
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Session Type: Meeting

Sponsored by the APPA Technology Committee You are invited to join the collaborative for agencies and solution providers, and learn how to become a founding member of PAPDEx ahead of the upcoming press release. Since the beginning of the information revolution, every industry has grappled with how to move information and data seamlessly between one or more homegrown systems and a multitude of vendors with innovative solutions. Like many other industries have already done, the answer is standards-based integration. For our field, the answer is a data exchange standards consortium sponsored by APPA - PAPDeX. A successful effort by APPA’s stakeholders – agencies and vendors working together – will lead to a voluntary de-facto standards solution that benefits everyone across the APPA community. Data Exchange standards will mean that agencies and vendors can both build to a set of common specifications one time, making connections between systems a much simpler effort. What kind of data are we talking about? Common client records from your client management system across all other management tools your agency uses – GPS, drug testing, smartphone apps, assessment tools, case planning tools, etc. Also, information captured by third party apps seamlessly incorporated into your core client management system, and more! Workshop Objectives: ● Introduction to how a standards body operates ● Outline of the initial scope of data exchange standards envisioned for 2022 work product of the group ● How your agency or solution provider can get involved


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