Future of ICAOS, The Next 20 Years


Tuesday, January 24, 2023
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Session Type: Workshop

The Interstate Compact, enacted by all 50 states and 3 U.S. territories, controls and regulates the movement of individuals on supervision who move across state lines. It is a mechanism for transferring supervision responsibilities to a state other than the one where an offender is convicted and/or served his or her prison sentence. In commemoration of the Commission’s 20th anniversary, a study conducted by the UCCI and a documentary funded by NIC examined the Compact from various lenses, including supervising officers and clients involved in the transfer processes. These projects both revealed various strengths in compact practices, as well as highlighted several areas where there is potential for improvement. This workshop, intended for Community Supervision and Judicial professionals, will share findings and provide opportunity for attendees to discuss solution ideas.


Suzanne Brooks
Parole Program Administrator, OH Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

Suzanne Brook's professional career began with a private, non-profit agency providing case management services to juveniles with behavioral and criminal issues. Later, she served as a parole officer and subsequently a justice reinvestment officer, acting as a court liaison and implementing legislative directives before her promotion to the position of deputy superintendent of the Ohio Adult Parole Authority. Ms. Brooks serves as the Interstate Compact deputy compact administrator for the State of Ohio and chair of the Deputy Compact Administrator Committee.

Katrina Ransom
Superintendent, OH Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

Katrina Ransom started her career with the Ohio Adult Paroling Authority in 1994 holding several positions and most recently serves as Superintendent of the Ohio Division of Parole and Community Service. Prior to starting with the Adult Parole Authority, Ms. Ransom worked for Alvis, a halfway house that serves adult male and female returning citizens in Columbus, Ohio and is also retired from the Ohio Air National Guard with 21 years of service in September 2011.