Successful Supervision Through Interstate Compact


Wednesday, February 2, 2022
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Session Type: Workshop

The Interstate Compact, enacted by all 50 states and 3 U.S. territories, controls and regulates the movement of individuals on supervision who move across state lines. It is a mechanism for transferring supervision responsibilities to a state other than the one where an offender is convicted and/or served his or her prison sentence. This workshop highlights eligibility criteria, the transfer process and how to successfully apply the compact rules and tools. Participants will interact with the hosts (presenters) through scenario-based learning and skill building. These exercises will breakdown the fundamental elements of a good transfer request and demonstrate how supervision is transferred through effective communication and cooperation among its member states. Scenarios will demonstrate how the Interstate Compact creates circumstances for successful supervision in terms of life stability, positive/family relationships, means of support as well as access to resources or programs that benefit those on supervision. This workshop is intended for Community Supervision and Judicial professionals.


Tracy Hudrlik
Deputy Compact Administrator, MN Department of Corrections

Tracy Hudrlik is currently the Deputy Compact Administrator for the Minnesota Department of Corrections. In this role, she is responsible to provide statewide direction, planning and coordination of all activities related to the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision and Interstate Compact on Juveniles. She is the primary liaison between the Dept. of Corrections and the courts, corrections agencies, attorneys, law enforcement, compact staff across the country and other agencies with regard to the Interstate Compact process. Tracy is a former Chair for the national DCA liaison committee and an ex-officio member of the national Rules Committee. Tracy has worked in the field of Corrections for over 25 years, holding positions in both Minnesota and Wisconsin ranging from Probation and Parole Agent to Interstate Compact Commissioner.

Joselyn Lopez
IC Compact Administrator, WI Department of Corrections

Joselyn López was appointed as Interstate Compact Administrator for the State of Wisconsin in June 2017. She has been a member of the ICAOS Information Technology Committee, Rules Committee and chair’s the Training Committee. In her current position as Corrections Services Supervisor in Wisconsin, Ms. López continues to provide a positive impact on others by providing statewide oversight of offender programming, staff education, employment programming, and reentry initiatives. She is a trainer for Trauma Informed Care in the Criminal Justice System and Risk Reduction Strategies in community supervision. She also serves as the Chair for the Evidence Based Decision Makers Committee.