Juvenile Assessment Centers and Building System Equity


Tuesday, February 1, 2022
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Session Type: Workshop

The Clark County Department of Juvenile Justice Services (Nevada) in the face of multiple challenges intentionally built its first juvenile assessment center in October 2016 targeting very specifically the reduction of disproportionality within its juvenile justice system. The hypothesis being that wrapping young people of color in supportive services before they became system involved would divert them from negative system involvement. This class will discuss the why, the how, the challenges of multisystem integration efforts and report out on the successes, the failures and the lessons learned five years later.


John Martin
Director, Clark County Juvenile Justice Services

Director Jack Martin of the Clark County Department of Juvenile Justice Services has served over three decades in law enforcement, both in the adult and juvenile arenas. Mr. Martin began his career in California before transitioning to Arizona and then Hawaii as a subject-matter expert to assist the State in successfully rebuilding their troubled youth correctional systems. He accepted the director’s position in Clark County in 2013. Mr. Martin earned bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice Administration and Communications as well as a master’s degree in Urban Leadership. He is a national speaker for operational issues surrounding cultural change within complex public service agencies and moonlights as a consultant in relation to law enforcement strategies, collaboration across bureaucratic systems, and leadership and training development. Mr. Martin serves on several non-profit boards in Southern Nevada and he is a leading advocate for equity and transparency in law enforcement practices. During his free time he enjoys spending it with his family and working on classic cars and motorcycles.