Tribal Forum: A Talking Circle on Tribal Justice and Reentry


Sunday, February 5, 2023
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
Session Type: Workshop

This forum will engage attendees in an active discussion in a Talking Circle to identify the pressing issues in Tribal Justice as it relates to reentry. The Tribal Justice issues facing many Tribal communities and more specifically Tribal Probation and Parole have been discussed in many forums for many years. Unfortunately, those involved in those discussions may not always be directly involved in the operations of Tribal Probation and Parole programs around the country. This Forum will seek to not only identify the issues Tribal Probation and Parole programs are facing, but to also work to develop practical solutions to these issues. The best solutions to the issues in Tribal Probation come from those directly involved in the daily operations of these programs. Join us to help improve outcomes in our communities by contributing to this vital discussion


Mark Dyea
Tribal Grants Manager, American Probation and Parole Association

Mark Dyea is an enrolled member of the Pueblo of Laguna and Disabled Veteran. Mark is the Tribal Grants Manager for the American Probation and Parole Association where he collaborates with Tribes to secure training and technical assistance in program planning, implementation, and enhancement. Mark has 17 years of Community Supervision and Treatment Court experience. Mark worked for the Pueblo of Laguna’s Probation & Parole Services for over ten years (2004-2015) as a Probation Officer, Wellness Court Coordinator, and Program Manager. During his time with Laguna’s Probation & Parole Services Mark co-founded the Pueblo’s Community Wellness Court and served as its Co-Coordinator from 2007 to 2014. Mark has also worked as a Case Manager for the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court Specialty Courts and Coordinator for the Pueblo of San Felipe Healing to Wellness Court. Mark served as a Sr. Consultant for the NADCP Tribal Healing to Wellness Court Planning Initiative and as faculty for TLPI. As a consultant Mark has worked with numerous jurisdictions across the country to develop and enhance Treatment Courts.