Meditation is Medicine for Stress Management


Wednesday, January 25, 2023
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Session Type: Workshop

Meditation is the practice of quieting the mind and centering yourself through various breathing techniques. Studies have shown that meditation has positive effects on physical and emotional wellness. Meditation can also aid in relieving stress as well as aiding in mental clarity and focus. In this workshop I discuss the benefits of meditation, dispel any myths or misconceptions about the practice and show them how just 8 minutes a day can completely change their lives for the better. Adopting this practice can be a valuable tool for stress management. The workshop will conclude with guided meditation session.


Alberty H Rodriguez
Supervisor, Cook County Social Service Department

Alberty Rodriguez currently works as a Pretrial Officer with the Cook County Social Service Department, where she has served for over 20 years. During this time, she has held various positions, including managing a Domestic Violence caseload and facilitating PAIP groups, which have allowed her to see the diverse needs of the community she serves. She is passionate about Youth Outreach and Adult Re-entry programs as means to help people improve their lives and prevent reoffending.  Alberty is active in her community, volunteering with local Scout troops and food pantries. She is a Union Steward with AFSCME and works very hard to protect the interests of her coworkers and others in Community Corrections. Now that her children are adults, she is looking to expand her experiences professionally.  

Monique Smith
Pretrial Officer, Cook County Adult Probation Department

Monique Smith is an award winning journalist, political scientist, speaker and author of the book, A Purposeful Pandemic. Monique has more than 20 years of experience in media/brand marketing, public policy, and human relations. Monique started her journalism career as political news reporter for a local newspaper. Shortly after leaving the newspaper she went to work as a producer/host for a talk news radio station. Throughout her career in journalism and politics, Monique has consulted and worked on one mayoral and multiple aldermanic political campaigns in Chicago. She would later work in corporate America as a community relations specialist where she facilitated community relationships with corporate partners. After owning her own consulting firm for more than 7 years Monique decided to shore up her real life work experience with more education. She enrolled in a master’s program where her graduate studies focused on public policy, the criminal justice system and human relations training in a correctional environment. Monique also works with individuals as a transformation coach. Monique currently holds a Bachelor’s in journalism from Columbia College Chicago; a Masters of Political Science from Northeastern Illinois University and currently works in Adult Probation as Pretrial Services Officer for Cook County of Illinois.