Professional Development Tours

To participate in any of the tours, please sign up at the Local Host table next to Registration beginning Sunday, August 18 at 7am. Spaces are limited and will only be available on a first come-first served basis.

Adult Probation Department Transitional Housing Services

Monday, August 2019
Tour 1 - 10:30am  |  Tour 2 - 1:30pm

San Francisco APD

San Francisco Adult Probation Department’s (APD) Transitional Housing Services program provides stability needed for clients to rebuild their lives. In 2018, APD launched the Recovery Pathways to couple residential treatment with transitional housing, extend the amount of time a person working towards recovery could remain in services, and to improve long-term housing stability outcomes. From emergency stabilization units to shallow rental subsidies, with 142 beds, these transitional housing services address the needs of clients along a continuum that sees permanent housing as the final goal.

Components of the housing program include emergency stabilization housing; 25 congregate, transitional housing beds; rental subsidy and permanent housing support; and women’s gender-responsive transitional housing.

Program Spotlight: New Horizons Transitional Housing Program – This is a partnership between APD and the Tenderloin Housing Clinic. New Horizons is a 12-month clean and sober transitional housing program for adult probation clients. Clients who complete six months of residential treatment are prioritized for placement. All clients participating in the program are connected to adult probation-funded case management services. Other onsite services include savings program, individualized housing planning and placement, community building, recreational activities, life skills groups, and permanent housing workshops. The goal for participants is to obtain permanent housing, learn the skills it takes to maintain housing, and to reconnect with their communities. The FY 2017/18 program outcomes: $98,323 cumulative funds saved by clients exiting the program; 707 housing applications completed; and 32 clients were placed in permanent or stable housing.

There will be two chances to tour the program, both on Monday, August 19.
*This is a walking tour.* APD staff will walk participants to and from the site.

  • First tour will leave the hotel at 10:30am
  • Second tour will leave the hotel at 1:30pm

Each tour will accommodate up to 15 participants.

Tour of San Quentin State Prison

Monday, August 19 | 8:30am-1:00pm
Tuesday, August 20 | 8:30am-1:00pm

San Quentin

San Quentin State Prison is California’s oldest and best-known correctional institution. Built in 1852 as an answer to the “rampant lawlessness in California”, San Quentin housed both male and female inmates until 1933 when the women’s prison at Tehachapi was built. The prison rests on 432 acres in Marin County, overlooks the San Francisco Bay, and is located just 12 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. The walled prison is made up of four large cellblocks, one maximum-security cellblock, Central Health Care Service Building, a medium security dorm setting, and a minimum-security firehouse. The state's only gas chamber and death row for all male condemned inmates are located at San Quentin.

This tour takes participants into San Quentin to hear the historical perspective as well as learn the current operation of the facility. Participants will see different areas of the prison as well as the execution area.

There will be two chances to tour the prison.

  • Monday, August 19, 2019 - bus will leave the hotel at 8:30am and return at 1:00pm
  • Tuesday, August 20, 2019 - bus will leave the hotel at 8:30am and return at 1:00pm

Each tour will accommodate up to 20 participants.

DO NOT WEAR: DENIM, BLUE, ORANGE OR YELLOW COLORS. A complete list of dress and identification requirements, and other tour details will be posted later.

Community Assessment and Services Center (CASC)

Tuesday, August 20
Tour 1 - 11:00am-1:00pm
Tour 2 - 2:00pm-4:00pm

The Community Assessment and Services Center (CASC), is a one-stop, multi-service reentry center which specializes in working with justice-involved individuals ages 18 and older. The CASC embraces a client-centered, strength-based approach, empowers personal responsibility, and streamlines access to evidence-based services. The program focus is to reduce over-reliance on incarceration, mitigate behavioral health challenges, build self-sufficiency skills, and strengthen public safety.

Services include clinical and reentry case management, medication management and distribution, peer coaching, cognitive behavioral interventions, substance dependency and recovery services, education and employment services, barrier removal, and benefits enrollment assistance.

The CASC is led by the San Francisco Adult Probation Department and the University of California San Francisco/Citywide. Public safety partners include Superior Court, Collaborative Courts, federal probation, state parole, Department of Public Health, Human Services Agency, Office of Economic and Workforce Development, and Department of Child Support Services. Community-based providers include Five Keys Schools & Programs, Goodwill Industries, Senior Ex-Offender Program, Recovery Survival Network, Westside Community Services, America Works, Mentoring Men's Movement, Tenderloin Housing Clinic, Phatt Chance Community Services, Brothers for Change, San Francisco Forensics Institute, Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, HealthRIGHT360, Harbor Lights, Healing Circles for Soul Support, Because Black is Still Beautiful, Sister's Circle, United Playaz, and Community Works West.

There will be two chances to tour the center, both on Tuesday, August 20. Tour participants will observe classes and have dialogue with staff providing case management services.

  • First tour will leave the hotel at 11:00am and return at 1:00pm
  • Second tour will leave the hotel at 2:00pm and return at 4:00pm
Each tour will accommodate up to 20 participants.

Community Assessment and Referral Center (CARC)

Tuesday, August 20 | 2:00pm-4:00pm


Community Assessment and Referral Center (CARC) provides an alternative to juvenile hall for youth 11-17 years of age arrested for a variety of criminal offenses. CARC provides a single point of entry for crisis intervention, assessment, service integration, referring, and mentoring.

This project involves a collaboration of all the city agencies working with youth –– schools, human services, and public health, juvenile probation, police, district attorney, public defender, sheriff, and community-based organizations. Each youth is connected to a case manager, as well as to a mentor who spends one-on-one time with the youth, works with probation and the court, and guides the youth into positive interventions in the community.

Project goals are to increase youth school performance, increase rates of successful completion of probation, reduce subsequent recidivism, and reduce incidences of substance abuse.

The one-hour tour, not including travel time, will be on Tuesday, August 20. The tour will include a presentation/overview of the program and a walk-through of the center. Transportation will be provided by the San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department.

  • Van will leave the hotel at 2:00 pm and return at 4:00 pm
Tour will accommodate up to 30 participants.